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2.5 Unscheduled Time

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2.5.1 Definition Unscheduled Time: During the operations time, the equipment is taken out of operation (un-scheduled)

Reasons to un-schedule the equipment could be:

  • the product is not needed (over-capacity);
  • it is not allowed to run (due to Governmental regulations or contracts);
  • ‘Force Majeur’ (catastrophe’s outside of the company);
  • the equipment is ‘handed over’ to an other party (e.g. R&D).

Remember: There was a shift planned, yet it was unscheduled. Don’t confuse this with NOT scheduled.

2.5.2 Unscheduled  Categories
No Time Usage Max. recommended Time Type
60 No Orders 3 P F W L
  • No Orders
  • Over-capacity
  • PM during No Orders
  • Cleaning during No Orders
The machine is not required to run due to a lack of customer orders; the capacity is not needed. (customer = the one who pays for the product!)
Beware! A warehouse will never be ‘the customer’!
Do not hide over-production!
61 No Personnel Available 1 P F W L
  • No Personnel
  • Strike
The machine is not scheduled for production because there is no operator present due to ‘force majeure’ like
  • Strikes
  • Massive influenza
  • Poor availability of workforce in the region.
If there is no operator available due to a lack of planning (so the machine was supposed to run), choose ‘no operator at machine’ or ‘wait for operator’ (both [W]aiting).
62 No Resources 2 P F W L
  • River Frozen
  • Energy Contract
  • Boycott
The machine is not scheduled for production because a resource is not available due to reasons OUTSIDE of the company, including energy; thus reasons other than lack of planning or handling (in such cases: Waiting).
63 Test Production 1 P F W L
  • R&D
  • Test Run
The machine is not scheduled for production to make it available for product development, testing new products or processes etc.
2.5.3 Principle
The goal of the machine in not ‘to run’;
The goal is to fulfill the demand
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