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2.7 Not Scheduled

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2.7.1 Definition Not Scheduled: All time the machine is not being used or touched for operation, maintenance, cleaning etc. “The light is out”

OEE typically registers ALL scheduled shift time, including ALL downtime (planned and unplanned), all unscheduled time AND all time spent outside scheduled shift time.

The remaining time is [Not Scheduled] and needs not to be registered to calculate OEE.
However, OEE data can be used to calculate Operations Effectiveness, Asset Utilization, TEEP etc. (See Scope)

To visualize losses due to not scheduling the equipment, reasons for not scheduling might be registered.

2.7.2 Principle
A machine scheduled for a 1 shift service, is [not scheduled] the other potential (4) shifts
2.7.3 Categories Not Scheduled
No Time Usage Max. recommended Time Type
90 No 24×7 Capacity¬†needed to fulfill regular demand 5 P F I L X
  • Night
  • Weekend
  • Not scheduled during night-time 23:00 – 06:00
  • Not scheduled during weekend Fr 23:00 – Mo 06:00
  • Low Season
  • Complete shifts are not scheduled due to regular seasonal fluctuations in demand
At incidental fluctuations in demand use [unscheduled]; regular shifts have to be unscheduled due to non-regular or incidental fluctuations in demand.
2.7.4 Remark If shifts have to be taken out of the normal production schedule, register it as [Unscheduled] due to its reason, i.e. [No Orders] or [Lack of personnel in the region].
Bottom line, having equipment not scheduled means: Capacity not fully utilized. In other words: Not enough orders…
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