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2.2 Failure Time

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2.2.1 Definition Failure Time: The machine is not able to produce due to a machine related technical malfunction/failure/breakdown
2.2.3 Failure Categories
No Time Usage Max. recommended Time Type
10 Failure [function x] 10 P F I L
  • Failure filler
  • Failure Capper
  • Failure depalletiser
A failure (=breakdown) prevents production due to a technical reason in the machine. The categories should be chosen process oriented and should describe the phenomenon, not the cause. Choosing functional categories (like Electric, Mechanical, Pneumatic) is not supporting the cross-functional production team efforts.
11 (Re)Adjustment 2 P F I L
  • Adjustment
  • Re-calibration
The machine is stopped WHILE A BATCH RUNS because adjustment is needed, to keep/get a product in spec. It is seen as a failure because at a certain point the equipment is no longer capable of producing the right spec due to a technical malfunction that needs to be corrected. The process is not capable of a stable operation. Adjustment and calibration after setup belong to startup.
2.2.2 Principle
Failure-Time categories should be PROCESS related rather than FUNCTION related
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