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6.1 Intro

Producing ‘quality’ means producing a product that meets its specification, not by trying more than once but First Time Right.
Products not meeting its full spec, but still useful and possible to sell (i.e. as B product, or in a different market) are not first time right and thus should be considered ‘scrap’.

If a product does not meet its spec, but can be reworked, in terms of OEE it is to be considered as ‘scrap’, but can be identified as a special form of scrap, by labelling it as ‘rework’.

In terms of OEE, Scrap, rework and sub-spec are the same: It was ‘not first time right’; therefore it is a loss

  • Defining scrap-product may reveal poor specifications or poorly testable specifications!
  • Good specifications always refer to the needs of the customer!